Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are you leaving?

We hope to leave around June 14, 2014, shortly after the kids finish school for the year.

2. What are you doing with your house?

We'll be renting it out for the year, and yes, that means moving out and moving back in. We plan to have a management company manage the property for us since we'll be too far away to help if issues come up.

3. Where will you live?

We'll be buying an RV, specifically a fifth wheel (which is the kind that hitches over the back of a pickup truck). And yes, that means we'll have to sell our two small cars to buy a gas-guzzling pickup truck.

4. Why don't you rent an RV?

RV rentals are set up more for a week or two, and so it would be quite expensive to rent an RV for a whole year. It would probably cost us less to buy one outright than to rent it for a year.

5. Do you know where you're going yet?

Yes, we have a route planned based on the seasons as well as our goal to roll through the 48 contiguous US States. Check out the map page for more details.

6. What about school for the kids?

We--mostly Brooke--are planning to homeschool the kids.

7. Will J. still be working?

Yes, everyone at my work, Falafel Software, has been very supportive and since I can work from anywhere that has Internet access, I'll be working the entire time from wherever we find ourselves using WiFi and 3G/4G.

8. What about Brooke? Will she still be working?

Yes, she will be working plenty, but not outside the home/RV/homeschool.

9. Where did you get the idea?

We had always talked about doing something like this when we retire, but when I heard Mike Boyink talking about his adventure with his family and mentioned it to Brooke, we saw the benefits of doing it sooner with the kids.

10. Would your family like to stay with me/us?

Yes! We've created this website so you can follow along with us, but also so you can participate my suggesting just this type of thing. Keep in mind we'll have a 36' trailer requiring a level pad, fresh water, 30-50 amps of electric service, and at least occasional septic service. Also, don't forget, a lot of neighborhoods have zoning restrictions, so check to make sure an RV parked in your yard, driveway, or street won't violate any restrictions. If you're stil interested in inviting us, sign up for an account and let us know on the map page where you are located.

11. You have to visit ... (this isn't actually a question, by the way)

We recognize that it's a big country and that a year is only long enough to skim the surface, so no guarantees, but if you sign up for an account we'd love for you to let us know about your idea on the map page.

12. Can I come?

We'll put your name on the (growing) waiting list.