Dear Sundance aka "the RV" aka "Home,"

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dear Sundance 3300CK aka "the RV" aka "Home,"

Yesterday, we handed your keys over to new owners. It is bittersweet relinquishing our title and rights to the place that we have spent so much time in, and was our home for over a year. You saw us at our best and worst, making decisions, working, schooling, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, relaxing, laughing, crying, washing dishes, and constantly putting things away so the space didn't feel any smaller. You shook with us when the washing machine ran through its cycles, when any of us got out of bed; you absorbed the shock of many steps, jumps, and even a few tantrum stomps.

Living in your space taught us to live more simply, to make the most of each storage space, to put things away, and to appreciate how versatile furniture and space could be. You made it possible to see so many distant places and people while maintaining the stability of the consistent inside feeling like home. And gave us 3 rooms to be alone in when needed. With your well-thought-out storage, we could be prepared for hot and cold weather, (though not quite "Michigan cold" weather). We could grill, eat inside or out, had what we needed for a campfire, and even beds for a few overnight guests. You housed all the food, beverages, kitchen dishes and tools, bathroom toiletries and supplies, clothing, books, sun and bug protection, backpacking and hiking supplies, first aid, towels, blankets, and an ever-increasing stuffed animal collection.

We enjoyed beautiful scenery from your windows that varied from cityscapes, to rolling hills, to lemon trees, to streams and rivers, to mountains, to deserts, to bright southwest colors, and even to some snow in Santa Fe. We got to meet some incredibly wonderful and interesting people in some of the parks that we wouldn't have gotten to know without entrance with you. You were set up for us to live and sleep in 37 different locations across these 48 contiguous states. We had a few unplanned adventures with your tire blowing out in Amarillo, TX, with another tire nearly blowing in West Virginia in a place without cellphone coverage (we finally heard the tires' cry for help and replaced the other tires too), with your bumper breaking under the weight of our bikes, as well as livable things we needed to have fixed under warranty. Living in a hotel for a few days without the comforts you provided while you were being fixed made us appreciate you even more.

We are very grateful for the many ways you provided care and comforts for us while we were away from our "sticks and bricks" home and community. We never regretted choosing you as an essential traveling companion for our family of four. We hope your new owners appreciate and enjoy your comforts just as much, if not more, than we did.

Love, Brooke