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  • Portrait of a Moving Day

    Posted by  J Tower on Friday, February 27, 2015

    Moving the RV is something we've done a lot of this year. On average we've moved it for one reason or another about once per week or week-and-a-half. In other words, we've gotten pretty good at it out of necessity.

    That doesn't mean it's gotten easy, though. It's still a pretty involved process, and whenever we have a "travel day" as we call them, it's quite exhausting for all of us.

    Because moving has become such a major part of our routine, I thought it might be interesting for those following


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  • The Danger of Doing Something

    Posted by  J Tower on Monday, February 9, 2015

    Last weekend we had one of our longest and most difficult travel days of the trip so far. In addition to a larger-than-advisable number of miles for one day, we also had to drive through terrible road conditions and a "winter weather advisory" for the first few hours. In short, it was the slowest, most dangerous, and most tiring driving we've done with the RV to date.

    After several hours, we finally reached a lower elevation and the air temperature got above freezing. As snow and ice sloughed off



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