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  • RVing in New York City

    Posted by  J Tower on Thursday, June 18, 2015

    You probably don't think of New York City and camping as things that would go together. Neither did we.

    Three years ago, when we were still planning the trip, one of us asked the other if they thought there were any RV parks close to New York City. A little Googling revealed a place called Liberty Harbor RV Park, which advertises itself as the "closest RV park to New York City". It's in Jersey City, and looks across the Hudson at Manhattan, which is a short 15-minute train- or ferry-ride away.




  • It's Not Camping

    Posted by  J Tower on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    We live in an RV this year. It's our home. We know that's a bit odd, so we don't hold it against anyone when they doesn't truly understand what it's like and how different it is from "camping" for a whole year. Often we see it in peoples' eyes when we tell them what we're doing this year, or hear it in their response.

    "Must be nice to take the whole year off."

    "You can sleep on our couch if you want to get out of the RV."

    We can tell that they don't quite understand. That's ok. We get it. It's u



  • One year ago today, we pulled our truck and 5th wheel RV out of our driveway to begin this 48 States Project. When I reflect on the year, I am amazed at all we have gotten to see and do, and that we have only 4 state lines left to cross. I have measured my time by weeks in certain places and have felt like we are sometimes in our own unique world, though encountering many people in different state subcultures around the country.

    When a friend asked what our biggest surprise has been, I drew a com



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