We Began this 48 States Project One Year Ago Today

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Sunday, June 14, 2015

One year ago today, we pulled our truck and 5th wheel RV out of our driveway to begin this 48 States Project. When I reflect on the year, I am amazed at all we have gotten to see and do, and that we have only 4 state lines left to cross. I have measured my time by weeks in certain places and have felt like we are sometimes in our own unique world, though encountering many people in different state subcultures around the country.

When a friend asked what our biggest surprise has been, I drew a complete blank. There have been many pleasant surprises, mostly having to do with people, places and great timing. There have also been a fair number of unpleasant surprises, mostly having to do with RV repairs and living.

We have truly enjoyed getting to see friends and family in their homes around the country. We have been so blessed by gracious hospitality and the chance to be in houses with people we already have some history with. When the only live familiar faces we have seen for weeks (or months) are our own, we have treasured these times even more.

It has been interesting to live in various states for weeks at a time and the particular feel of different places. We have taken thousands of pictures and I look forward to time to process this deluge of new experiences and information. I have kept a log of things we have done each day, and am thinking making some lists might be helpful to bring order to some of these, of National Parks, of museums, of people, of unique experiences, of books we've read, of bloopers, etc.

Even after a full year of traveling, I still struggle to wrap my mind around all the opportunities we have gotten to have together. We have 6 weeks left of travel before we pull into our driveway again, and though we are eagerly counting down the days, we are so grateful to get to experience even more of this country's beauty and history.


  • dmar

    6/15/2015 at 7:53 PM

    It is hard for me to realize it has been a year. So often you've made us want ti pack up & follow you'd entire route (minus staying with your friends & family). :-)

  • wolfelb

    6/14/2015 at 9:01 PM

    Thanks for sharing this year with all of us Brooke...it's been so wonderful to be a spectator on this amazing journey of yours!