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  • We visited 19 National Parks and 9 National Monuments in our 2014-2015 travel adventure. At the end of this 408 day journey, we each gave a score on every place using a scale of 1-10. I can say that visiting ANY National Park is a wonderful experience--the National Park Service (NPS) does a phenomenal job with managing the roads, educational programs, visitor videos, and answering questions. We spent $80 on the America the Beautiful NPS pass and it was more than worth every penny. It gets you in



  • Glacier and Yellowstone: Beautiful in Different Ways

    Posted by  Luke Tower on Saturday, September 13, 2014

    Glacier and Yellowstone are both very beautiful but in very different ways. Glacier contains rich colors like the evergreen forest's rich greens and bright flowers and the crystal clear water that looks as if it were glass. The mountains are so amazing and home to the park's namesake glaciers. The many stunning waterfalls are mainly generated by melting glaciers and are all freezing cold.

    Yellowstone's beauty is thanks to the wide variety of geologic activities and formations like geysers, hot sp



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