In 6 months...

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Sunday, December 15, 2013

It is hard to believe that in 6 short months we will be beginning this 48 states project adventure that we have been talking about for nearly 2 years.  It will include many firsts for us, including this--my very first blog post :)

It has been an interesting process of anticipating, grieving and preparing for this endeavor.  We were working on making our (very long) list of tasks and many emotions came up for me--excitement, overwhelmedness, sadness, fear, hope, joy, and curiosity.  The anticipation of this adventure has affected many decisions--things we do or don't do, buy or don't buy, experiences we pursue or let go of keeping in mind that we will be away from our beloved community and home for a year.  In some ways, a year isn't very long.  In other ways, it can feel like forever and much can change in the course of a year.

I have started packing (if only one closet counts) and the decisions are more complicated than they have been in other moves.  It is an interesting process--trying to predict what we will use/need in the next 6 months, what we think we will need (and will fit) in the RV, what we can give away, and what is worth putting in storage that we expect to want when we return.  We have lived in our home 8 years and it was probably time for a good purge anyway.  One of the reasons for this trip is for us to live more simply, with fewer things.  The process of this packing and purging seems to be both uncomfortable and freeing so far. 

Advent is a season of preparation, anticipation, and hope.  It has been so good for me to slow down a bit and anticipate the celebration of the birth of Emmanuel, God With Us.  (Of course it helps that I'm not working outside the home this month or next.)  As we anticipate and prepare for this next chapter, we are excited to experience God in new places, in new ways as we are stretched and grow far outside of our comfort zones. We expect many firsts--sights, sounds, tastes, touches and smells, and know there will be many unexpected firsts as well.  Knowing that God will be with us in these firsts definitely brings joy and peace.

ps  Another first--not saving this post after reading it to my mom and having to start over.  Valuable lesson learned :)


  • Jason Schmidtgall

    12/16/2013 at 6:49 PM

    Hello Towers, what an exciting endeavor. Beth and I camp with our kids but we've never talked about taking off for such a deep and life changing experience. I hope your travels are safe and y can count on me checking into your blog. Merry Christmas and God bless. Jason, Beth, Evan, Lauren and Brooke Schmidtgall Geocache handle: Schmidty5

  • jtower

    12/15/2013 at 11:55 PM

    Well said, Brooke. So many mixed emotions during this transition period. I've also found that knowing some of the activities and experiences we are having now are "lasts" for a while is helping me live more in the present moment. I think we will both cherish spending time with friends and family this holiday season even more than normal.