My Two Primary Home/Road Schooling Feelings

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Saturday, June 6, 2015

The idea of homeschooling our kids for a year was one of the parts of this adventure that scared me most. And, after 9 months, I am relieved to say we got through almost all of the material I had hoped to cover.  My biggest emotions right now are thankfulness and relief.

Relieved that:

  • my kids' academic success is not dependent on this one year
  • the kids have such a great, familiar elementary school and friends to return to
  • we can enjoy the last 7 weeks of traveling without the pressure of finishing certain books or assignments (once we actually finish those last few math pages...).


  • that we have completed the "Michigan" school year together and still enjoy each other (mostly)
  • that our elementary school was so supportive and gave us encouragement and resources
  • that the kids each had classrooms to connect with, and to share our abundance of Mardi Gras beads with
  • for my brilliant aunt who gave me such great project and book ideas for teaching US History. I have learned more this year than I ever expected to learn. I think some of it might stick with the kids too. We'll see.
  • for friends who courageously homeschool long-term and gave ideas, encouragement, and understanding
  • for in-laws who came and took over school for a week. This was especially wonderful the week after Luke complained about not having a "professional" teacher. We all appreciated my retired teacher father-in-law's expertise, encouragement, and support.
  • for the many field trips and experiences we could share and learn together as a family
  • that none of us want to continue homeschooling beyond this year, at least for now.

It has been a wonderful gift to get to learn and explore together, but we are all very much looking forward to returning home to a more typical life in these wonderful United States.