Our new home on wheels is at our house!!

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 12, 2014--After months of planning and considering this major purchase, it feels surreal to have an RV in our driveway.  We first saw the Heartland Sundance 3300CK at the Grand Rapids Camper, Travel & RV show in January 2013.  We returned to the show this winter and seeing more trailers and 5th wheels confirmed that we had found the camper that was best for our family for this year-long adventure.

THE PROCESS:  When we first started looking at campers, we thought we could make it work with a smaller, less expensive trailer.  Our camping so far has been in tents, so we naively thought that we wouldn't really need more space or things.  After looking at a few trailers, and talking to some salesman about what we had planned, we realized that the taller, larger 5th wheels would probably be a better fit.  Having a bunkhouse for the kids at one end and our bedroom at the other end was a requirement that helped narrow down the options.  Especially since most RVs seem to be designed with a couple rather than a family in mind.  Having 3 rooms that could by doors seemed essential for those of us (all of us) who need occasional (or daily) time alone, and who don't all sleep and wake at the same times.

THE DETAILS:  There are countless things that are "nice to have."  And having limited space and considering the weight of things helps narrow down things that are most helpful.  On vacation this past summer I realized the luxury of a washer/dryer was more important to me than I had realized.  Especially when we won't have space for large wardrobes of clothes.  So, an RV with this laundry hookup option became much more important to me.  Outdoor kitchens are a newer trend in campers and it was one that didn't seem very valuable to me, especially since I get by just fine with one kitchen in my everyday life.  When we talked with a salesman who had camped with an outdoor kitchen and he talked about how fun it was, I started to reconsider.  The option of being in the great outdoors, more available to those around us, and keeping some of the aromas (especially that of bacon)outside appealed to me.  When we realized that we wouldn't save much money by not having the extra microwave, refrigerator & sink outside, we decided to stick with this standard option.  The last detail was having the hide-a-bed sofa in the bunkroom exchanged for a booth so we could have the extra workspace.  I think it will make J.'s work, the kids home school work, and meals much less frustrating/more enjoyable.

We've been focused lately more on the tangible part of moving out, so it will be fun & eye-opening to begin the process of moving in.  Our maiden voyage of actually camping will be in a couple weeks, so I am curious and excited to begin and see what lessons we will learn!