Running On the Road

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Traveling brings wonderful opportunities as well as countless unknowns. This requires much more thinking and planning. When I am at home in Michigan, when I want to run I know how far certain loops are, where there are sidewalks and safer areas. When I need accountability, I have friends I can run, walk, swim, snowshoe or cross-country ski with. I know when and where I can take yoga, spin or TRX classes. I have a basement in which I can do fitness DVDs.

On the road in a 5th wheel, running, hiking, and swimming are my best options for exercise. Swimming is dependent on the campground, weather, and size of the pool. Fortunately, I love running. Actually, I love having run even more. Running helps me to be healthier in every way. It is also good for Luke when I compel him to join me.

Google Maps satellite view has been the most useful tool for me when I decide where to run. RV Parks are in vastly different locations as far as communities go. As I think about the places we've been, I thought it might be fun to list what my runs have looked like.

  1. Minnesota: running through a semi-industrial area to a suburban neighborhood (this felt the most like home)
  2. Missouri: running on country roads past cows and cornfields
  3. South Dakota: driving down our 55mph highway to a park path along a river a few miles away
  4. Bahamian Disney Cruise: hot & humid island 5K
  5. Southeast Idaho: running out and crossing cattle grates, carrying bear spray down a gravel road that went to Henry Lake
  6. Montana: small town running to a park along a river and sights included a deer, a community garden and a retired locomotive on display. It was here that I was also tempted to use bear spray on an unfriendly dog.
  7. Northern Idaho: suburban running and noticing a clever contraption that kept mailboxes from being knocked down
  8. Portland, Oregon: city along a river with vastly random neighborhoods (think yacht club, mansions, marinas, trailers, airport, restaurants, country club all within a mile or two). I actually got whistled at on one busy road (and opted not to take that route again).
  9. Southern Oregon: found a greenway trail just across the river that went along that river. This reminded me of running cross country in high school in the forest preserve and was probably my favorite running location.
  10. Bay Area, California: hilly suburbia past junior-highers walking to school felt awkward
  11. Oakhurst, California: small town with a park and narrow path along the river. It was fun to see our RV from the other side of the river.
  12. Ridgecrest, California: desert running with an old friend!!! It was FABULOUS to run with someone who 1) didn't want to stop and walk frequently 2) knew the way to go 3) is a dear friend to talk with and make the miles go by quickly
  13. Las Vegas, Nevada: I was kindly warned by J's cousin not to go north of where we are staying. I found a local park to run around and enjoyed seeing the cacti.

It has been fascinating to glimpse closer views of the communities we find ourselves in. Some feel more comfortable and familiar than others. I am glad I get to run all over, but I think I will be happier when I can run and exercise at home again without having to think so much.  :)


  • Swansons

    12/15/2014 at 4:14 PM

    Very interesting to identify the same running in different places. I LOVE this!