"So, how is it going so far?"

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Thursday, June 26, 2014

If a friend were to ask me, "So, how is it going so far on your adventure?"  I would say that I feel like I am still trying to catch my breath, I am feeling scattered and like there is a lot to figure out with this new lifestyle and location.  There is plenty of beauty and goodness as well as chaos and angst.  I think the learning curve for any new experience is the steepest at the beginning, and this definitely is no exception to that rule.

There are a number of adjustments that we are all trying to make--not the least of which is living in a much smaller space.  Several people have asked how many square feet we have and we're not sure how to answer that.  I think less than 400 square feet is the best I can answer.  Our rig is just under 37 feet long, with 3 slides that make it wider, so it is hard to calculate.  Our two-story house with a finished basement has about 2500 square feet.  I knew I would miss being able to send the kids upstairs, or to the basement. 

I didn't know that every movement that anyone made would be felt everywhere.  We were somewhat used to hearing Luke kick the wall in his sleep, but actually feeling it is a new experience.  Even trying to walk softly still ends up with movements being felt everywhere.  We have a king-pin stabilizer that helps, but having a foundation of wheels and jacks just isn't as sturdy as cement (surprise, surprise!!).  Even the vibration of our air conditioner can be felt in each of our beds, especially Lauren's.

And though I have felt thunder when inside a house before, it hasn't felt quite as loud or intense as it does in our Sundance.  And I am very thankful to be in an RV rather than a tent in these windy, rainy days of our time in Minnesota.

J. has the additional challenge of trying to work in this space.  The Wifi at our campground is fantastic, so that was a pleasant surprise for him, and us.  Trying to keep the kids reasonably quiet while he's working and very quiet when he's on a call is an opportunity to go somewhere else.  Most mornings we have gotten to enjoy the pool and the campground game room.  We also enjoyed going to The Works Museum with my mom and spending a few hours at my aunt and uncle's house.  One child seems to prefer staying near the RV and the other is more interested in going to new places, so finding a balance that works for all of us will be an interesting process.  The kids made some new friends at the pool and enjoyed time with them.

I would say that my greatest challenge so far is being patient with myself and especially the kids as we spend much more time together than we have since the bitterly cold days of winter home from school.


  • WildwoodCorgis

    6/28/2014 at 10:19 AM

    Great post; I'm saving your words for my future RV experience! Thanks for your honesty and keep the tips coming!

  • dmar

    6/25/2014 at 8:52 PM

    I love your honest answer. Helps me know what your need may be. - important for times I 'd think to pray. Ed & I are camping right now. Before this trip we spent $80 on a pair of stabilizing jacks for the big slide-out! Worth every penny! We hardly feel any movement now even with the grandkids here! A week earlier it was just the 2 of us, felt far more.