Whose Life is This?!?

Posted by  Brooke Tower on Monday, August 4, 2014

At the moment, I am looking out my kitchen window at another 5th wheel.  If I look out windows on the other side of our home on wheels, I see beautiful mountains and trees. 

Sometimes I am struck by how different this life of travel is than the one I have known most of my life. There are certain moments where I am amazed that I am in all these beautiful and bizarre places. The added bonus of going on a 4 day Disney cruise with J.'s company in the middle of it adds to the beauty and craziness of this adventureJ. Like rather than just leaving our house whenever we needed to get there and parking at the airport, we had to find a place that could store our truck and RV (about 57 feet long in total!) and catch a shuttle to the Rapid City Airport. And because it was 90 degrees the day before we left, we chose to stay where we were until 4a so that we could enjoy air conditioning for our few hours of sleep.

We were marveling at the color and clarity of the Turquoise Pool hot spring in Yellowstone that is turquoise because of bacteria and minerals and it. We wondered out loud the last time we had seen water that color and realized it was less than 2 weeks ago in the Bahamas. Each and both are such exquisite places of beauty, but to see both in such rapid succession?? It is beyond words for me...almost too much beauty to take in...

Last week, I ran the Castaway Cay 5K in 90 degree hot and humid weather--my least favorite running conditions, but totally worth the Mickey medal and bragging rights. On my run yesterday morning, I heard a trumpeter swan honk, cows mooing, and other birds singing and it was 42 degrees when I started running.  And I crossed 6 cattle grates during my 2.5 mile run (out and back). Also, I didn't run with music because this is "critter country" with bear warning signs all over the place.

On Wednesday this week, we will drive 5 hours (in just our truck) down to Salt Lake City for J. to speak at 2 .NET User Groups in that area.  We'll be there three nights and will then return to this town of Island Park, ID, population 276. I am looking forward to being near a city with chain stores that feel more familiar, though I have enjoyed the small town charm and simplicity of fewer choices. I have no idea what we'll see while we're there, yet. I'm sure taking advantage of the hotel swimming pool is at the top of Luke and Lauren's lists, thoughJ. Next Sunday, we plan to explore the Tetons.

It is with gratitude and disbelief that we get to behold so many beautiful places. 

But seriously, whose life is this?!?


  • btower

    8/17/2014 at 3:26 AM

    Thank you, dmar :). I appreciate your comment and reminder!

  • dmar

    8/4/2014 at 9:26 PM

    I especially like your closing sentence. I think you will wish you could rewind each experience multiple times in the years ahead just to grasp another aspect of the beauty and experiences of this adventure together. You are forging a family unity, the value of which can't be foreseen or over-estimated.