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  • Running On the Road

    Posted by  Brooke Tower on Wednesday, December 3, 2014

    Traveling brings wonderful opportunities as well as countless unknowns. This requires much more thinking and planning. When I am at home in Michigan, when I want to run I know how far certain loops are, where there are sidewalks and safer areas. When I need accountability, I have friends I can run, walk, swim, snowshoe or cross-country ski with. I know when and where I can take yoga, spin or TRX classes. I have a basement in which I can do fitness DVDs.

    On the road in a 5th wheel, running, hiking


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  • "You may NOT lick your dinner plate, but you MAY lick your dessert plate."

    I am a classic firstborn in many ways. I like knowing what is expected and rules are one way of communicating expectations. When we check into a RV park or campground, we always get a list of rules and expectations that I usually read. Every culture has many spoken and unspoken rules. What fascinates me the most, though are the posted rules.

    I have a theory that most rules are a response to one person breaking another perso


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  • “IT’S NOT FAIR!”

    Posted by  Brooke Tower on Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    "IT'S NOT FAIR!"

    I wonder if there is a parent alive who hasn't heard this phrase countless times. Especially when their child has one or more siblings. I remember saying this phrase while I was growing up, hoping that it would bring about the "justice" that I hoped for, usually in relation to something my sister had or didn't have to do.

    And my dad's annoying and wise response was, "Well, Brooke, life's not fair. And you should be glad it's not."

    I knew, of course, that life in the world wasn't f